Krenson Oaks HOA in Lakeland Secured by Mid Florida Audio & Video!


Krenson Oaks Homeowner’s Association in Lakeland, FL recently hired Mid Florida Audio & Video surveillance experts to install four HD cameras, including a high-speed license plate capture camera and digital video recorder. The system features commercial-grade equipment proven to last in the harsh and humid Central Florida heat. The cameras record all ingress and egress vehicle traffic entering the community.

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Country Club Estates of Winter Haven Chooses Mid Florida Audio & Video

Country Club Estates of Winter Haven, FL recently purchased a commercial-grade security camera system from Mid Florida Audio & Video to monitor its ingress and egress traffic.

Mid Florida Audio & Video’s surveillance professionals installed the system from the ground-up, ensuring the staff at Country Club Estates is educated on proper use and maintenance of the system.

Country Club Estates’ security system is comprised of six high-definition cameras, including two dual-shutter “high-speed” cameras to monitor the license plates of vehicles moving upwards of 45MPH! The system has an on-board digital video recorder (DVR) that will archive recorded events. These recordings can easily be saved to external storage for use by law enforcement, etc.


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Home Cameras Installed by Professionals in Lakeland, FL Area

Mid Florida Audio & Video sells and installs home security camera systems for the Central Florida area.

These CCTV systems can be instantly accessed from the user’s smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Our wide array of security cameras can fit any need and any budget. Our technicians have been in the surveillance camera industry for decades, and have the experience and know-how to tackle your job, no matter the size.

Choose your security camera style and functionality:

  • High definition or standard definition
  • Dome, bullet, or PTZ
  • Starlight or Infrared
  • Consumer-grade or commercial-grade

Our Lakeland storefront has CCTV models on display for your convenience, feel free to stop by and take a look at our inventory to decide what’s best for your home.

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Simple Surveillance: All-in-One Security Camera Kit

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Mid Florida Audio & Video now offers the all-in-one Metro HD Surveillance Kit!
Our all-in-one surveillance system kits include everything needed for a consumer-grade installation. Consumer kits simplify the buying process by including the cameras, DVR, wire, power supply, and miscellaneous materials needed for most consumer installations.
Kit includes:
– (4) 2.0 Megapixel HD Bullet Cameras
– (1) 8-Channel DVR with 1-TB Hard Drive for 1-month+ of recording
– (4) Pre-made 60′ siamese cable
– (1) Power supply for camera system, 12VDC
– (1) Power splitter 1-4
Limited availability
$699 with a 1-year warranty

Professional parts at a consumer price!

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Wireless vs. Wired Security Cameras: Which Should You Choose?

cam1With the advent of wireless security cameras (also known as IP cameras), many homeowners and consumers become fixated on the idea of being “wire free.” While wireless security cameras do offer benefits in some situations, they are not the end-all-be-all solution to everyone’s surveillance needs.

Let’s begin by settling the concept that wireless cameras are not completely “wireless”– these cameras do not need the standard video cable to work. However, wireless cameras still need to be powered, and power is sent through a wire. Any wireless camera will still need to be plugged into an outlet or other power source, unless it is battery operated (which is a completely different discussion and would require the exchange of batteries on a near constant basis).

cam3.jpgAnother downside to IP cameras is their strain on network bandwidth. The average consumer does not have a commercial-grade network that can handle the constant streaming and recording of 6+ high-definition security cameras. Multiple IP cameras on a standard home network would bog down the user’s Internet speed tremendously. Wired cameras are routed into a DVR which does not use nearly as many resources as individual IP cameras. Some IP cameras use an NVR, which is similar to a DVR, but this will not solve the issue of each camera needing a power source. The most viable advantage that wireless cameras have is their transmission length: a wireless camera system can be transmitted across an environment or terrain that would be extremely difficult or infeasible to run traditional camera cable across.

cam2Wired cameras appear to be more labor-intensive to install than their wireless counterpart, but their reliability and sustainability far make up for the installation effort. Once installed, wired cameras do not require an Internet connection to capture and record; they can also be installed with little to no networking or IT knowledge.

If you are debating whether wired or wireless cameras are best for you, call or stop by Mid Florida Audio & Video today for an estimate or consultation.

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CCTV System Installed at Cobblestone Landing

Cobblestone Landing in Lakeland, FL recently had a commercial-grade surveillance system installed by Mid Florida Audio & Video. The system is comprised of a high-definition wireless camera at the entrance gate (to capture vehicles), as well as high-definition cameras at the community pool.

The cameras are networked for remote accessibility by administrators; this allows individuals to view the cameras from an Internet-connected smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The security cameras record based on motion in an effort to conserve hard drive space. Most comparable systems can record data up to one month before overwriting the old recordings with new information.

To schedule an estimate or consultation for surveillance cameras in your neighborhood or home, contact Mid Florida Audio & Video today!

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Capturing License Plates with Burst-Fire Imagery

Many customers want the option of capture the ingress/egress license plates and vehicles from their subdivision or community, but do not possess the budget to install a commercial-grade security camera system. Enter the Reconyx Hyper-Fire.

The Reconyx Hyper-Fire is an all-in-one covert security solution meant to capture rapid-fire images once the camera detects motion. These systems are excellent for capturing vehicle license plates, monitoring points of interest in high traffic areas, or even for use as game cameras in woodland or hunting scenarios.

Mid Florida Audio & Video sells and installs these systems. For added functionality, our system is mounted on a steel pole and wired into a solar-powered battery. This allows the camera to conserve battery power.

The camera records and saves the captured images on an SD card. Once an image has been captured, the administrator can remove the SD card from the unit and place it in a standard PC for viewing purposes.

For more information on our Reconyx systems or to schedule an estimate, call or stop by Mid Florida Audio & Video today!

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Why Should You “Network” Your Security Cameras?

Security cameras provide the obvious benefit of allowing the user(s) to instantly see through the lens of Big Brother. Whether you have cameras around the perimeter of your home, business, or neighborhood– cameras are always watching when/where humans cannot.

loagtdedciu-jay-wennington.jpgHowever, security cameras of the past only allowed the user to view the cameras when they are at the monitor or digital video recorder (DVR). With the advent of new technology, a security camera system can be integrated into an average router and viewed from nearly any Internet-connected device.

View your camera system from your work computer, smart phone, tablet, or even from a laptop while on vacation in China. Networking of security cameras provides priceless value to a customer’s peace of mind. If your camera system is not networked, you are missing out on an everlasting benefit.

For more information on our camera systems, call or stop by Mid Florida Audio & Video today!

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HD Security Cameras Installed at Lago Vista Resort in Kissimmee, FL

Mid Florida Audio & Video installed a high-definition security camera system for Lago Vista Resort in Kissimmee, FL.

The cameras encompass the entire facility, monitoring multiple tenant parking lots, administrative office space, a swimming pool, walkways, playground, and rear entryways.

The cameras are vandal-proof and weather-proof to withstand a variety of climate conditions. The system can also be accessed remotely by administrators on any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Recorded data on the DVR is saved for over one month; this allows administrators to play back this data in the event of an incident. Files can easily be transferred from the DVR to a computer or flash drive for law enforcement or legal purposes.

To schedule an estimate or consultation for your residential or commercial property, call or stop by Mid Florida Audio & Video today!

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