Capturing License Plates with Burst-Fire Imagery

Many customers want the option of capture the ingress/egress license plates and vehicles from their subdivision or community, but do not possess the budget to install a commercial-grade security camera system. Enter the Reconyx Hyper-Fire.

The Reconyx Hyper-Fire is an all-in-one covert security solution meant to capture rapid-fire images once the camera detects motion. These systems are excellent for capturing vehicle license plates, monitoring points of interest in high traffic areas, or even for use as game cameras in woodland or hunting scenarios.

Mid Florida Audio & Video sells and installs these systems. For added functionality, our system is mounted on a steel pole and wired into a solar-powered battery. This allows the camera to conserve battery power.

The camera records and saves the captured images on an SD card. Once an image has been captured, the administrator can remove the SD card from the unit and place it in a standard PC for viewing purposes.

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