Neighborhood Guard™

Mid Florida Audio & Video’s Neighborhood Guard™ security camera system allows users to record ingress and egress traffic of the subdivision, parking lot, or private drive.

Consisting of a true license plate capture security camera, the system is designed to identify any vehicle’s license plate– day or night, up to 60 miles per hour.Skyview Security Cameras

  • Monitor ingress/egress vehicles
  • Capture all vehicle license plates
  • Day/night visibility via infrared
  • Climate controlled and self-contained
  • Access remotely from home or smart phone

The adjustable shutter on the security camera makes it possible to set the camera at different rates for the anticipated average speed of moving vehicles.

The camera will deliver a burst of illumination enabled by the IR LEDs, while filtering out visible light to ensure clear license plate images. It has an ultra-fast shutter and automatic mode-switching to minimize over exposure from sunlight as well as glare from headlights or tail lights.

NeighborhoodGuard Security Camera Install

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