Why Should You “Network” Your Security Cameras?

Security cameras provide the obvious benefit of allowing the user(s) to instantly see through the lens of Big Brother. Whether you have cameras around the perimeter of your home, business, or neighborhood– cameras are always watching when/where humans cannot.

loagtdedciu-jay-wennington.jpgHowever, security cameras of the past only allowed the user to view the cameras when they are at the monitor or digital video recorder (DVR). With the advent of new technology, a security camera system can be integrated into an average router and viewed from nearly any Internet-connected device.

View your camera system from your work computer, smart phone, tablet, or even from a laptop while on vacation in China. Networking of security cameras provides priceless value to a customer’s peace of mind. If your camera system is not networked, you are missing out on an everlasting benefit.

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