Powerful Antenna System Installed for Budget Inn of Winter Haven, FL

Mid Florida Audio & Video recently installed a digital antenna system at Budget Inn in Winter Haven, FL. The antenna connects to all televisions in the hotel and receives approximately 99 crisp, high-definition channels for absolutely no monthly payment! Mid Florida Audio & Video has been serving Central Florida for over 40 years and provides exemplary antenna service and installation.

Cut your cable and make the smart switch to a powerful digital antenna. With major networks coming out of Tampa and Orlando, centrally-located Floridians are in a prime geographic location to receive loads of television content for free! Before your cable bill rises even further, give Mid Florida Audio & Video a call to discuss your options – (863) 686-4653, or visit www.MidFla.com.



Dual Beam Antenna

Dual Beam HD TV Antenna for Polk County: Receive up to 90 Channels!

Tired of paying for cable and satellite when you only watch a few channels? Look no further than Mid Florida Audio & Video‘s Dual Beam HDTV Antenna! This antenna is perfect for those in Polk County looking to receive the local networks in crystal clear high-definition!

Mid Florida Audio & Video has been serving the Central Florida community since 1974 and offers prompt and professional service and installation. Most users receive anywhere between 60 and 90 channels depending on certain factors such as elevation, trees, and home architecture.


For more information or to schedule an installation, call or stop by Mid Florida Audio & Video today!

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1722 E. Edgewood Drive
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TV Antenna Installed for Customer in Lakeland, FL! Receive FREE HD Programming!

Mphotoid Florida Audio & Video recently installed our Concept Omnidirectional digital antenna for a customer in Lakeland, FL. The antenna was hooked into the customer’s existing cable line, so new wire did not have to be ran to each of the customer’s televisions. The antenna is mounted on top of a 20′ telescoping mast for optimal reception. This customer receives about 60+ channels (all high-definition) from the public broadcasts out of the Tampa area.

For more information or to schedule an estimate for your own antenna system, call or stop by Mid Florida Audio & Video today!

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1722 E. Edgewood Drive
Lakeland, FL 33803

Mid Florida Audio & Video Installs Digital Antennas!

Allow a Mid Florida Audio & Video professional install your digital antenna!

Receive 45 to 105 HD channels, no monthly payment!

Give us a call or stop by our retail location for information and a demonstration.

Antenna self-install kits starting at $149.00

Mid Florida Audio & Video
(863) 686-4653
1722 E Edgewood Drive
Lakeland, FL 33803

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Introducing the Proto HD Omnidirectional Antenna!

Mid Florida Audio & Video now offers the Proto HD Omnidirectional antenna! This model is a great choice for viewers in the Central Florida area and the sleek and streamlined design offers a modern look.

The Proto HD Omnidirectional antenna is sold by itself ($99.95), or in an all-in-one installation kit ($199.95).

The installation kit includes everything needed for a new antenna system. This includes:

  • Proto HD Omnidirectional antenna
  • Power injector for antenna
  • 20′ telescoping mast
  • Mast bracket
  • 60′ commercial grade RG-6 coaxial cable
  • 2 or 3-way splitter

To see a full list of the antennas we offer, visit our antenna page or call/visit our location today!

(863) 686-4653
1722 E. Edgewood Drive
Lakeland, FL 33803