Mid Florida Audio & Video Installs New Surveillance System for Caribbean Containers

Ccaribbean-containersaribbean Containers in Auburndale, FL had Mid Florida improve their security with the installation of a full 1080P high definition security camera system. Designed to enhance both employee safety and overall security, the full 1080P system allows remote access for management when they are either off the premises or in another part of their 40,000 square foot facility. The Dual Stream technology encodes recording and network stream simultaneously. A pentaplex function allows multiple users to perform different tasks at the same time: live view, record, playback, backup and remote accessibility. Caribbean Containers also had a large LED screen installed to view all the cameras all the time from their security office. Their new camera security system is designed to allow greater visibility to all areas of the warehouse, improve efficiency and keep everyone safe.

Mid Florida Audio/Video sells and installs the newest security camera systems in all price ranges for all size business, communities and homes. Call us at 863-686-4653 for an onsite consultation and estimate.

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