Access Control

Mid Florida Audio & Video sells and installs Access Control systems for all types and levels of commercial security needs.

Code Entry Access ControlOne of the main factors when choosing an Access Control system is how your employees and other users identify themselves when they attempt to unlock the door to enter an authorized area. Here are a few options to consider.

Keycard Entry Access ControlKeypads are the most popular and least expensive type of Access Control Solution. They’re easy to use, but less secure, since users have a tendency to write down the entry code or share it with others. Unlike card systems, the code can’t be “given back”, so your security is instantly compromised.

Card Readers are also popular. Proximity cards, which only need to be held near a sensor, are the most common, but magnetic stripe and barcode cards are also available. When cards are lost. It’s a simple matter to deactivate them and issue new ones.

Biometric systems, including fingerprint, voice, and iris scanners, are by far the most secure access control solutions. However, they’re considerably more expensive.Keyfob Entry Access Control

For most business security applications, card or keypad Access Control systems are sufficient and a better buy. At Mid Florida Audio & Video, we can help you select which method provides the best protection for your facilities. Our technicians have decades of experience installing an array of Access Control and security systems.

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